The case for John Bolton

Two excellent columns today take on the attacks on John Bolton by the New York Times, Mark Malloch Brown, and others, and make the case that he has proved himself an outstanding representative of the United States at the United Nations. In the Canadian Free Press, Joseph Klein highlights “John Bolton’s shameless opponents.” First and foremost among the shameless opponents addressed by Klein is the New York Times in the story by Warren Hoge that I took a whack at yesterday. In her weekly column for Bloomberg News, Amity Shlaes argues that Bolton’s diplomatic accomplishments belie the criticisms lodged against him. Shlaes argues that Bolton is working in a way to make the United Nations a more important institution. I think I would quarrel with that overlay on Amity’s outline of Bolton’s accomplishments. I would simply observe, based on the evidence Amity adduces, that Bolton takes the UN as a given and has performed an outstanding job working to make it serve the interests of the United States. (Thanks to Lucianne.)


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