The stakes in Lebanon — and Iran

David Frum explains why Israel must “shatter Hezbollah as a military force and put an end to its state-within-a-state in southern Lebanon” before the international community (in the form of NATO, not the U.N.) is called on to keep the peace. Frum also urges us to “remember the millions of other innocents for whom we would have to grieve unless Iran’s power to wreak terror, next time with nukes, is taken away in time.”

UPDATE: To paraphrase Mark Twain, the only thing better than having NATO peace-keepers in south Lebanon would be not to have them — in other words, leave the peace-keeping to Israel indefinitely. Clearly, Israel is not going to occupy southern Lebanon. But the best protection against a Hezbollah return following large-scale operations would be for Israel to strike periodically at Hezbollah targets from Israeli outposts on the border and from commanding positions across the border. Why leave it to Spaniards and Frenchmen to protect Jews when Israelis can protect Jews?


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