We love you too, John

Our friend John Podhoretz takes exception to my comparison of the Democratic style of propaganda to that of Joseph Goebbels. He writes:

I love Powerline and the Powerline guys, but it’s not right of Paul Mirengoff to compare the Democratic response to the Middle East crisis to Joseph Goebbels. The Nazi analogy is disgusting when lefties use it about conservatives and it’s no better when conservatives use it about liberals.

In four years of writing at Power Line, I don’t think I’ve ever used “the Nazi analogy,” and I used it last night only in a very limited sense, stating that Goebbels would “feel at home” with the propaganda style of the Howard Dean Democrats. I did not suggest that the substantive positions of any Democrats or the means they employ on behalf of those positions, other than in the context of their propaganda, have any relation to Nazism. But I do believe that their use of the Big Lie, under which the consequences of Democratic policies (appeasement of North Korea) or policies Democrats favor (territorial concessions by Israel) are blamed without qualification on the Bush administration, even in the context of issues that previously have been outside of the partisan blame game, is something Goebbels would be quite comfortable with.


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