What Happened Yesterday

It’s often difficult, when viewing American media, to get any actual military news from Lebanon. Body counts, yes; information about how the battle is going, no. To fill that gap, check out Blog of the Week Vital Perspective:

Over the past 24 hours…the IDF carried out over 60 aerial attacks…against Hezbollah structures, posts and headquarters, including some used for storage of weaponry, a number of rocket launchers, including a launcher that was used to launch rockets at Afula, trucks and containers that carried weaponry, several Hezbollah weapon storage facilities, several rocket launching sites in southern Lebanon and routes used by Hezbollah to reach these sites. During the day, the IDF also continued firing artillery into southern Lebanon, targeting terror infrastructure in southern Lebanon along the border.

During IDF activity in Bint Jbeil in southern Lebanon yesterday, IDF forces uncovered 5 anti-tank missiles, 30 hand grenades, 41 ammunition clips, 10 battle vests, 20 assault rifles, 15 handguns, 4 shotguns, a mine detector and equipment used to manufacture and detonate explosive devices. During the activity 26 Hezbollah terrorists were killed by IDF forces.

Israel has also confirmed that Nur Shalhoub, a senior Hezbollah terrorist, was killed in an aerial attack of his vehicle on Thursday. Shalhoub was responsible for the smuggling of strategic weapons for Hezbollah including long range missiles, which can reach deep into Israel. The IAF targeted the vehicle in the area of Bekaa during a smuggling attempt. In addition to Shalhub, several additional terrorists who were in the vehicle were killed. The vehicle was loaded with missiles at the time of the attack.

The Jerusalem Post has more, focusing on the fighting in and around Bint Jbail:

IDF ground forces operating in the southern Lebanon villages of Bint Jbail and Maround al-Ras pulled back on Saturday, and the IAF was striking Hizbullah targets in Bint Jbail.

OC Northern Command Maj.-Gen. Udi Adam said Saturday that the army had never intended to take over Bint Jbail, and that the operations there were designed to strike at Hizbullah capabilities. This goal, he said, was “fully realized.” Adam described Bint Jbail as “almost in ruins,” and added that the IDF had secured strategic posts around the village.

IDF forces killed at least 50 Hizbullah operatives and wounded hundreds on Friday during the intense firefight [at Bint Jbail]. Most of the wounded operatives were from Hizbullah’s special forces and had come to the village to shore up the regular Hizbullah guerrillas there.


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