What We’re Really Doing In Iraq

Building schools, defusing bombs, protecting little girls. Training Iraqi security forces and winning the war against terrorists. Marine Corps News reports:

Thanks to the work of Marines and Iraqi Security Forces, 800 elementary-aged girls will now have a school to attend this fall.

Marines from 1st Battalion, 7th Marine Regiment unveiled a brand-new grade school in this city of about 30,000 on the Iraq-Syria border in western Al Anbar Province July 7, 2006.

About one week before its opening, insurgents planted an improvised explosive device inside the school which would have leveled a good portion of the building, destroying nearly three months of work by Marines and locals. ***

The Marines discovered the bomb and immediately secured the building leaving Iraqi Security Forces to provide 24-hour security to prevent further attacks.

Local tribal leaders and sheikhs attended the school’s grand opening and expressed thanks to the Marines of 3rd Civil Affairs Group who spearheaded the reconstruction project and obtained the necessary manpower to complete the building.

The mayor and the Marines agree that the school’s neighborhood is relatively safe although there is still the threat if IED’s. *** “The bomb was a last ditch effort by insurgents to destroy the progress we’ve made in this area,” said [Capt. Rick Bernier, commanding officer of Company C].

Since arriving here four months ago, the Marines have seen a decrease in enemy activity after conducting daily security patrols in 110 degree-plus temperatures alongside Iraqi soldiers. The Marines have also introduced the city to their new police force and have begun conducting security operations alongside policemen.

No doubt that story will be in your morning newspaper alongside continuing coverage of Haditha and alleged rapes and murders by American soldiers.

Via Pajamas Media.


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