Why defeating Hezbollah is not enough

It appears that Israel has received enough of a wake up call to have resolved to defeat, and if possible crush, Hezbollah in Lebanon. However, as Austin Bay explains

Iran has the petro-dollars to reconstitute Hezbollah — unless the Lebanese can act in concert with the Israelis to police terrorists using Lebanese territory. To truly police terrorists in Lebanon — which entails denying them logistics support as well as territory for bases — means regime change in Syria. Dealing Hezbollah more than a temporary defeat means terminating the Assad regime in Damascus.

In my view, this war began because Israel’s enemies, and especially Iran, perceive Israel as much weaker than before. They thus saw an opportunity to demonstrate the changing balance of power in the region. Dealing a temporary defeat to Hezbollah may be enough to show that Israel is still strong, but it will not be enough to convince Israel’s enemies, and especially Iran, that the tide is turning in their favor and that time is on their side.


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