Worse Than Incompetent

Some are calling for the United Nations peacekeepers to play a larger role in southern Lebanon, in the wake of current fighting there. So it’s a good time to be reminded of one of the lowest moments in U.N. history, when a group of UNIFIL (U.N. peacekeepers in Lebanon) participated with Hezbollah in kidnapping and murdering three Israeli soldiers. The incident was covered up by U.N. officials, including Kofi Annan. Dave Kopel tells the story on the Volokh Conspiracy.

There is room for disagreement about the best long-term approach to the problems in Lebanon, but it’s pretty clear that U.N. peacekeepers aren’t the solution.

SCOTT adds: See also Jack Kelly’s “No peace through the U.N.”

MORE: In its July 19 editorial, the New York Sun also formulated the appropriate response to the idea of placing the U.N. in the breach: “Thanks, but no thanks.”


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