A culture of corruption

The disappointing performance of the Israeli government and, to some extent, the military during the latest war has led to much soul-searching, some of which is reflected in this piece in the Jerusalem Post by Lenny Ben-David. Here’s a sample:

My generation has failed our sons. Not because we failed to give them the proper equipment. We failed to provide them and ourselves with proper leadership. At the start of this war I never felt such a lack of confidence in our national and political leadership. At this point in the war – and I suspect it is only half-time – I feel despair.

Ben-David’s article highlights one problem in Israel that gets insufficient attention here — Israel’s culture of corruption. This is a “bipartisan” defect that almost every Israeli I know complains about. Maybe in the process of the present soul-searching, the Israelis finally will do something about it.

Via Real Clear Politics


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