A letter to the prime minister

Today’s Telegraph carries “Muslims urge Blair to end violence,” a story about this letter. Reader William Katz writes:

There’s a remarkable story in this morning’s Telegraph. A group of British Muslims has written to Tony Blair asking for changes in British foreign policy. The letter is written with a velvet touch, but the subtext is chilling. It can be summarized as, “Do what we want…or else.”

No country has been more solicitous of Muslims than the U.K. It has welcomed even the most extreme Muslims to its cities. Its foreign office is notorious for its pro-Arab and anti-Israel slant. Its press is one of the most pro-Muslim and anti-Israel in the world. It permits, sometimes celebrates, anti-Semitic politicians like George Galloway and the mayor of London, Ken Livingstone.

And yet, it has been struck with terror and threatened with more, including the plot broken up in this past week. It proves that you can never do enough to appease the perpetually aggrieved. Today’s letter is a stark reminder that the response to terror by some in the Muslim community is to suggest that there will be more, until the victims of terror change.

There is another story, from the Jerusalem Post. It reports how British Jews are deeply worried that recent events, including the terror bust, will increase anti-Semitism in the U.K. Imagine – a group of Islamofascists attack a Christian nation, and some are prepared to blame the Jews. The contrast between the two stories is remarkable, and disturbing.


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