A view from the bridge

Thanks to all who wrote regarding our “A bridge too weird” post. Many wrote to share their photographic expertise along the lines of the D. Gorton comments that I added in an update and have persuaded me that the first four photos, while staged in an almost comical manner, are otherwise as represented. Evidence of staging and related weirdness in the photojournalism from Hezbollahland continues to accumulate. At Jawa Report, for example, Rusty Shackleford asks: “Is Adnan Hajj two people.” Also of interest is the apparent discovery by EU Referendum of the latest guise of the ubiquitous Green Helmet Man: “Green Helmet Man goes undercover.” And Slugblog notes a motif: “The passion of the toys.”

UPDATE: Rusty Shackleford updates his post and answers his question here.


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