A word from Sergeant Thul

We have frequently written here to report on the response to the request from Sergeant Dave Thul of the Minnesota National Guard for reading material to support the troops. A reader recently wrote asking whether Sergeant Thul could still use books from readers and asked us to check with him. We just heard back from Sergeant Thul today:

In addition to the Power Line library here at Al Asad, we have started smaller libraries in some of the other bases in the area. Hit, Rawah, Korean Village, and Taqquadam are all now regular drop offs for the books and magazines coming in. At Korean Village, a small outpost near the Jordanian border, the Marines are sometimes grabbing books out of the box before I can get them on the shelf.

However, it would be best if you don’t repost the address here just yet. With every mention of us on your site, we see a surge of packages, and I am going home on leave in a week or so and I don’t want the guys helping me to be overwhelmed. Once I am back, I will send you another update and we can go from there, if that works for you. Thanks again for your help and your prayers,

SGT Dave Thul

P.S. Try to keep the summer weather going, or I might get hypothermia going from 130 each day to 60’s in Minnesota!

With all the bad news out there over the past several weeks, I thought this was one report that might brighten your day, as it did mine. Sincere thanks to all our readers who have answered the call, including our friends at Fraters Libertas.


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