Any anti-west cliche in a storm

Tom Friedman isn’t the only big newspaper foreign policy pundit whose liberal talking points produce incoherence. I just heard Robin Wright, an embarrassment at the Washington Post for decades, tell Larry King that (1) Israel would be well-advised to trust the Lebanese army to deal with Hezbollah and protect the Jewish state’s security interests in south Lebanon and (2) Israel’s bombing campaign against civilians in Lebanon has alienated the Lebanese to the point that they now are clearly partial to Hezbollah in its efforts against Israel. Somehow, it didn’t occur to Wright that if proposition (2) is true, then proposition (1) cannot be.

The foreign policy pronouncements of a growing number of liberals have become a string of anti-Bush, anti-Israel, terrorist accommodating, pacifist cliches strung together without any regard for how they might logically relate to one-another.


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