Carolina FreedomNet 2006

The John Locke Foundation of North Carolina is sponsoring Carolina FreedomNet 2006 on Saturday, Octbober 7 in Greensboro at the Sheraton Greensboro. Carolina FreedomNet 2006 is a half-day conference on political blogs and is open to all. It features two panels including Lorie Byrd, Sister Toldjah, Bob Owens, rising star Mary Katharine Ham, Scott Elliott Josh Manchester, Sam Hieb, and Jeff Taylor.

Please see the linked program page for a complete list and additional information regarding accommodations. The program concludes with a luncheon where I’ll be speaking. Free wi-fi and the opportunity to live blog are promised. I’m sure it will be a lot of fun. If there is any chance you might be intersted, please check it out and do what you can to join us.


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