Deranged and dangerous

This letter from Iranian president Ahmadinajad to German chancellor Merkel has to be read to be believed (and disbelieved). It begins with the world’s longest run-on sentence and concludes with a plea for an Iranian-German alliance in order to “end the present abnormalities in international relations, the type of order and relations that are based on the impositions of the victors of the World War II on the defeated nations.”

A key element in Ahmadinajad’s rant is the premise that the Holocaust is a fiction created by the World War II victors as “an alibi on the basis of which they could continue keeping the defeated nations of World War II indebted to them [in order] to weaken their morale and. . .obstruct their progress and power.” That the Holocaust was also used as the pretext for “creat[ing] a permanent threat in the Middle East [Israel] in order to rob the people of the region of the opportunities to achieve progress” provides a basis for a German-Iranian alliance in the deranged mind of the Iranian president.

If this were 1933 and Merkel were Hitler, Ahmadinajad’s letter might resonate with the chancellor. The timeless quality of Ahmadinajad’s general anti-semitic, anti-western message ensures that it will resonate elsewhere.

Via Hugh Hewitt


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