Gatekeepers, Then and Now

We spent most of the second hour of our radio show last Saturday interviewing Eric Burns, author of Infamous Scribblers, a history of journalism–so to speak–in the Revolutionary War era. Eric was a delightful guest, and the book sounds terrific. It covers the highlights (Benjamin Franklin, for example) and the lowlights (Sam Adams, indisputably) of early American journalism. And the impression I came away with is, if we could survive that, we can probably survive anything. I’d highly recommend Burns’s book; click on the image below to go to Amazon, where you can buy it.


In our last segment, the rusty gate swung shut on a perennial contender for This Week In Gatekeeping honors–the New York Times. Someday, we might have to go to New York to permanently retire the trophy and present it to Pinch Sulzburger, a worthy heir to the worst traditions in American journalism.

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