Gorgeous George Linked to Would-Be Bomber?

The Sun reports that one of the British terror suspects met with George Galloway “many times”:

Terror suspect Waheed Zaman met controversial MP George Galloway many times, his sister said last night.

Safeena, 24, said of her 23-year-old brother: “He saw it as his duty to stand up for his community and that’s what led him to know George Galloway. He has a lot of respect for him and has met him many times.”

A spokesman for MP Galloway, above, said: “Waheed Zaman is not a name that George is familiar with. He is not known to him on a personal level.”

Could be entirely innocent on Galloway’s part, of course. But it’s a weirdly qualified denial.

Speaking of Galloway, Power Line News has an interesting clip, courtesy of MEMRI TV, of Galloway appearing on al Jazeera. It takes a strong stomach to see it through, but there are some rewarding moments: his Tony Blair/Monica Lewinski comparison, and a priceless moment when he says that he has lots of ideas about how Arabs can improve their position–only, Galloway says with what, in less refined times, was called a ****-eating grin, “I don’t have any money.” Like, “Please send me some dough–Saddam’s has run out!” If you can stand six minutes of Gorgeous George, it’s worth a look.


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