Hear Michael Barone on the Northern Alliance

Tune in to the Northern Alliance Radio Network tomorrow; I’ll be on with the Fraters guys, as usual, from 11 to 1 central time. At noon central, 1 eastern, we’ll interview Michael Barone. We’ll start out talking about the reissue of Michael’s book, The New Americans, updated with a new introduction. So immigration, the hottest of hot-button issues these days, will be a big part of the conversation.

We’ll talk about a few other issues too, I think; Michael knows more about the nuts and bolts of American politics than anyone, and we’ll ask him how the November elections are shaping up; what he makes of the Lamont “victory” in Connecticut; and whether there is a serious prospect for the McCain/Lieberman ticket he discussed on his web site. Click on the graphic below to buy Michael’s book, and then tune in on AM 1280 the Patriot, on the radio or over the web, to hear what he has to say tomorrow. And if you miss out, don’t worry: I’ll podcast the interview at the earliest opportunity, consistent with the fact that I’m going on vacation tomorrow immediately following his appearance on NARN. Which, by the way, will also feature the award of a Lifetime Achievement Loon of the Week–no, Loon of the Decade–award to a certain Democrat who is about to enter private life. Don’t miss it!



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