In his article in the new issue of the Weekly Standard, Professor Jeremy Rabkin makes his usual contribution to understanding: “The fantasy world of international law.” In his recent San Diego Union-Tribune column, Professor John Yoo (with Glen Sulmasy) outlines the fantasy world of the Supreme Court: “The Supreme Court manages to overlook centuries of U.S. history.”

For a glimpse into the fantasy world of the United Nations, you can’t do better today than Kofi Annan’s statement to the Security Council on the adoption of its Lebanon resolution last night. I consider it an indignity that Secretary Rice sat for the mewling criticism of the United States implicit in Annan’s expression of disappointment “that the Council did not reach this point much, much earlier.” And Secretary Rice herself gave us a glimpse into the fantasy world of American diplomacy with her statement, in which the deus ex machina is “an enhanced UNIFIL.”


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