Israel to Expand Ground War

Blog of the week Vital Perspective reports that Israel’s security cabinet has voted to expand the ground war in Lebanon to the Litani River, and perhaps beyond:

Israel’s security cabinet has ordered a 30-day expanded ground offensive in Lebanon aimed at striking a harder blow against Hezbollah and curbing its cross-border rocket attacks. The decision by PM Ehud Olmert and top ministers may send troops as far as 13 miles – to the Litani River – into southern Lebanon. Nine ministers approved the decision and three abstained, including Vice Premier Shimon Peres.

IDF Chief of Staff Dan Halutz said Tuesday that such an operation is necessary “in order to end this war differently.” People who participated in discussions of the plan with him said they had never heard him speak as forcefully in favor of anything as he did in favor of the proposed ground operation.

No doubt the offensive will result in civilian casualties. Vital Perspective also has this video, which illustrates why civilian casualties–inevitable in any war–are aggravated when fighting a dishonorable enemy like Hezbollah. In the video below, an anti-aircraft gun is deliberately being operated in a heavily-populated residential area, thereby threatening surrounding civilians:


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