It’s still anyone’s election year

Donald Lambro of the Washington Times finds some mildly encouraging news for Republicans in certain recent polls. He points to an early August poll by CNN in which 55 percent of respondents said things were going “fairly well” (47 percent) or “very well” (8 percent), compared with 44 percent who said “pretty badly” (29 percent) or “very badly” (15 percent). Moreover, although polls continue to find that most Americans think the country is on “the wrong track” (a slightly different question than whether “things” are going well), CNN reports that only 41 percent of Americans believe that Democratic leaders in Congress “would move the country in the right direction,” compared to 43 percent who believe Republican leaders in Congress would do so.

Finally, Lambro notes that, while John Zogby finds that Democrats are leading Republicans among independent voters 32 percent to 20 percent, nearly half of them are undecided. This is consistent with a Newsweek poll showing that “most Americans aren’t paying attention to politics yet; 68 percent of registered voters say they have only given the November elections ‘a little’ or no attention.”


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