Montana Senate race now a dead-heat

According to the latest Rasmussen poll, Republican Senator Conrad Burns and Democratic challenger Jon Tester are tied at 47 percent each in the Montana Senate race. This represents a marked improvement for Burns, who was down by seven points last months. Alone among the vulnerable Republicans, Burns has the advantage of running in a very strong Republican state — one where 50 percent of the voters approve of President Bush’s performance. However, Burns has been plagued by his connection to Jack Abramoff. Fortunately for him, in the latest poll only 13 percent said they viewed government corruption as the leading issue.

Burns has also been plagued by a tendency to make offensive utterances. Most recently, he reportedly insulted firefighters for their response to recent wildfires in the state. Burns later apologized. In any case, Burns now appears to have a decent shot at keeping his Senate seat.


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