Must Be Our Fault

Thousands of Iraqis have marched in support of Hezbollah in Baghdad over the last few days, which has caused liberals to leap to the conclusion that our Iraq policy must be a failure. That could yet prove to be true; but the fact that thousands of people can be rallied to the Islamist cause in a city of millions of Muslims is hardly a shock. Actually, as Moonbat Media reminds us, 100,000 Hezbollah supporters have just rallied in London. Check out the photos; here is a sample; click to enlarge:

“We Are All Hizbullah,” some of the signs say; England’s Communist Party is represented, and, in one bizarre image, a woman in a burka holds a sign that says “Socialist Workers Party.” The Left isn’t quite what it used to be.

Anyway, check it out. If pro-terrorist sentiment in Iraq is our fault, I guess the London demonstration stems from our failure to do the right thing–whatever that might be–in the War of 1812,


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