No Bush-hater he

David Schraub posts the second part of his interview with Thomas Friedman. Friedman tells David that, unlike those whose views on terrorism-related issues are driven by hatred of President Bush, he puts his political views “on the shelf” when considering these matters. However, Friedman’s over-heated language during course of the interview casts doubt on this claim.

For example, Friedman accuses the administration of “fraud” in conducting the war in Iraq because it didn’t send enough troops. He also attacks the administration for using the war on terrorism as a wedge issue, asking “would Roosevelt have done that?” The answer to that question I’m pretty sure is yes — if the Republicans had advocated pulling our troops out of Europe or the Pacific before they had defeated the enemy I’m confident that Roosevelt would have made that an issue. So too if the Republicans had attacked Roosevelt’s effort to promote safety on the home front, including surveillance of Nazis and, for that matter, internment of Japanese-Americans.


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