Podcasting from the Great North Woods

As we do most years, we are vacationing on an island in a big lake in the far north. The place features lots of loons, bald eagles, northerns, walleyes and muskies, and wireless internet access. This year we’re even more low-key than usual, not yet having attempted to catch a fish, which tends to require getting up early.

Last Saturday, we did our radio show as usual–my last act before going on vacation. Unfortunately, due to a technical glitch at the studio, the first hour of the show wasn’t preserved on CD. So I’ve put up as a podcast the main bit we did during the hour–a 3 1/2 minute tribute to Cynthia McKinney, whom we won’t have to kick around any more. One hopes. It was put together by Nick Novak of the Patriot and is pretty entertaining. We played it in connection with our award of a Lifetime Achievement Award in Lunacy to McKinney.

You can download or just listen to the podcast here. Or, as always, you can subscribe to our podcasts on iTunes by going here.

I don’t have any wildlife photos this year, so this shot of me waiting to dock a pontoon boat as one of the kids navigates back to civilization will have to do:


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