Reuters calls the doctor, take 3

In “Reuters calls the doctor, take 2,” we noted that Retuers disseminated two Adnan Hajj photographs showing the same collapsed building that fell as the result of raids dated July 24 and August 5, respectively. In the background of each was a building with a pinwheel painted on it.
Now we learn from reader Leigh Fellner that AFP disseminated two photographs by Ramzi Haidar (here and here) of the same damaged building on July 18. Mr. Fellner has created a composite (below) with all four photographs.


He observes that the building in both AFP photos dated July 18 and the Reuters photos dated July 24 and August 5 is the same building. Among other things, he notes:

*same hole blown in lower right quadrant;
*same damage to building in the foreground;
*same large white sign on that building, hanging at the same askew angle; and
*same erector-set style signpost with two white signs on it at the streetcorner.

As a bonus, Mr. Fellner adds a possible sighting of Green Helmet Man in Beirut.


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