Reuters kills world’s worst photoshopped picture

Thanks to the Israeli reader who alerts us to’s update on the Reuters photo alteration that we noted in “Reuters calls the doctor” last night: “Reuters admits altering Beirut photo.” As John noted last night, the photographer whom Reuters credited on the photo is the same man who shot some of the famous propaganda images from Qana. Reader William Katz writes:

The key questions: What else has been faked? What else has been manipulated? Who are the people hired by Western news agencies to report from Lebanon? What are their backgrounds? It’s time to look even more carefully at Qana.

JOHN adds:

This is the advisory that Reuters sent out last night:


This is the corrected version of the photo, according to Reuters:


In the faked picture, the contrast in the photo was heightened to make it more dramatic. The smoke was darkened and expanded through cloning, so that it appeared (to me at least) that there were two sources of fire rather than one. Buildings in the lower left were cloned, to make it appear, I assume, that the area of the fire was more heavily populated. There may be other changes that those better versed in photography can identify.


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