Richard Posner on Terrorism and the Constitution

I usually don’t plug anything until I’ve had the opportunity to read/see/hear it, but this is an exception. Today has been a hectic day, and I haven’t yet had an opportunity to listen to Glenn and Helen’s podcast of their interview with Judge Richard Posner, on Posner’s book Not a Suicide Pact: The Constitution in a Time of National Emergency.


Nevertheless, I unhesitatingly recommend that you listen to the podcast. Judge Posner is a brilliant guy, and, while I disagree with him quite often, he is one of the truly provocative thinkers of our era. Comparing Judge Posner to liberals who write on the same subject like Geoffrey Stone, is frankly an embarrassing exercise, because Posner is so much smarter. Add Glenn Reynolds’ balanced, sensible, well-informed perspective to Posner’s sometimes eccentric brilliance, and the result has to be good. Do download and listen; if all goes well, that’s what I’ll do later tonight.


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