Reader Jason Torchinsky writes regarding ABC PAC:

The PAC (essentially the GOP answer to ActBlue) has teamed up with a group of conservative bloggers who have picked a slate of 18 conservative candidates they want to help support. The bloggers are promoting their slate on their blogs and linking to it under the name Rightroots.

Since we made the page public we’ve raised nearly $22,000.

The big news is that last night, Congressman Kingston issued a challenge – if Rightroots can raise $26,000 for the slate of candidates, Kingston will contribute an additional $14,000 to these candidates (divided as he chooses).

Here’s the text of Congressman Kingston’s letter:


Dear Friends,

I commend the efforts of the Rightroots movement for providing a forum which seeks to help the Republican Party secure our majorities in the House and Senate, and might even push some competitive races over the finish line in November.

I strongly believe that small donations from a large number of people will help influence public policy and change the face of politics in Washington. This is our opportunity to send a clear message to folks that Republicans don’t just beat Democrats on the streets and on Election Day, but on every battlefield, including the Internet.

I’m going to make a pledge: If Rightroots raises a total of $26,000 by 11:59 PM (EST) on Friday, August 4, I will contribute a total of $14,000 directly to some of the candidates from my Leadership PAC in the name of our movement. It’s time for action, and these candidates need our help. Together, we can do it.


Jack Kingston
Member of Congress

Included among the Rightroots candidates are Mark Kennedy, running for Minnesota’s open Senate seat, and Michele Bachman, running for Mark’s open congressional seat in Minnesota’s Sixth District — two of our favorite candidates. The Rightroots folks are within shouting distance of their goal in an incredibly brief period. Please consider helping to push them over the top.

JOHN adds: John Hawkins of Right Wing News asked us to join in the Rightroots effort, but we just didn’t have time to get ourselves organized to participate. It’s a good example of how we (and other bloggers, no doubt) sometimes miss out on things because we are preoccupied by our day jobs. The point is that we really do endorse this effort, and encourage our readers to participate. Mark Kennedy and Michele Bachmann are personal friends of ours, as well as political allies, and if they are typical of the candidates selected by the Rightroots group, as I am sure they are, the effort is absolutely worthy of your support.


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