The arc of the New York Times, take 2

Reader Robert Schwartz writes regarding our post on Stephen Holden’s New York Times effusion of moonbattery in his profile of Tony Bennett this morning. Demonstrating a keen eye and a remarkably high threshold for pain, Mr. Schwartz offers “two more examples from Tuesday’s New York Times” and notes that “it’s not just Stephen Holden”:

Transforming the Alchemists

Published: August 1, 2006

PHILADELPHIA — Historians of science are taking a new and lively interest in alchemy, the often mystical investigation into the hidden mysteries of nature that reached its heyday in Europe in the 16th and 17th centuries and has been an embarrassment to modern scientists ever since.

* * *

They also remarked, somewhat conspiratorially, over parallels between the misguided certainties and self-delusion of alchemy and today’s political and religious attacks on modern science. Of Boyle’s efforts to replicate experiments from alchemical writings, Joseph E. Early, a retired Georgetown University professor who studies the philosophy of chemistry, said, “He couldn’t do it any more than we could find the weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.”

Then the scholars departed Philadelphia, leaving the city’s lead-to-gold ratio unchanged.


This one is almost diagnostic:

Tax Cheats Called Out of Control

Published: August 1, 2006

So many superrich Americans evade taxes using offshore accounts that law enforcement cannot control the growing misconduct, according to a Senate report that provides the most detailed look ever at high-level tax schemes.

Among the billionaires cited in the report are the owner of the New York Jets football team, Robert Wood Johnson IV; the producer of the “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers” children’s show, Haim Saban; and two Texas businessmen, Charles and Sam Wyly, who the Center for Public Integrity found in 2000 were the ninth-largest contributors to President Bush.


Note that Saban is identified as a TV producer, and the Wylys were identified as Bush contributors. He could just as well have identified Saban as a Democrat big wheel. Searching “Hiam Saban Democrat” on Google produced the following also from the Times:

PRIVATE SECTOR; A Cartoon Giant’s Rich Reward

Published: March 4, 2001

HAIM SABAN picked up the phone in his office. Leslie Moonves, president of CBS Television, was returning his call. “Boobie,” said Mr. Saban, the children’s television mogul and a top Democratic fund-raiser, “don’t worry, don’t worry, I’m not asking you for money.” Instead, Mr. Saban asked Mr. Moonves to help a singer, who was a family friend, in finding a TV gig.


With his second wife, Cheryl, and their two young children, Mr. Saban lives in a grandiose French-chateau-style home in a gated community in the Beverly Park section. Former President Bill Clinton has stayed there several times, and the Sabans were guests many times at the White House. The Sabans have given as much as $10 million over the years to the Democratic Party and its candidates; Mr. Saban said he was not sure of the exact figure. They have donated more than $10 million — to child-related charities like Children’s Hospital Los Angeles and the Los Angeles Free Clinic. And they have donated for the benefit of Israeli soldiers.


The only conclusion is that the NYTimes is no longer “The Newspaper of Record” it is now the “Mouthpiece of the Democrat Party.”


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