The friends of Ned Lamont

As I wrote last night, there’s nothing scandalous or even inappropriate about liberal Iraq war-haters voting for Ned Lamont over Joe Lieberman. But, as Lanny Davis (former special counsel to President Clinton) shows, the conduct of some of Lamont’s supporters is quite scandalous. For example,

A friend of mine just returned from Connecticut, where he had spoken on several occasions on behalf of Joe Lieberman. He happens to be a liberal antiwar Democrat, just as I am. He is also a lawyer. He told me that within a day of a Lamont event–where he asked the candidate some critical questions–some of his clients were blitzed with emails attacking him and threatening boycotts of their products if they did not drop him as their attorney. He has actually decided not to return to Connecticut for the primary today; he is fearful for his physical safety.

Davis is the latest honorable liberal to be scandalized that liberals can be as “intolerant and hateful” as he grew up believing ideological conservatives are. When I challenge such liberals to point to conduct by conservatives that matches the kind described throughout Davis’ piece, they are unable to do so. Certainly Davis, with his references to Ann Coulter and Rush Limbaugh, comes up well short.

JOHN adds: Anyone who hasn’t noticed that hatred and intolerance are the province of the left these days, isn’t paying attention.

UPDATE: Hugh Hewitt has a hilarious postscript on one loony lefty’s attempt to rebut Davis’s observation that the left is the home of “scary hatred.” The effort was, shall we say, self-refuting.