Traveling to Tyre


Yesterday I noted the green-helmeted rescue worker removing bodies following the Qana bombing who has been tentatively identified by Israel Insider as a traveling mortician. This morning reader Jack Armstrong writes:

The same person who paraded corpses around in Qana was on FOX News. At 7:03 this morning [EDT] FOX News aired a segment from Tyre after Israel conducted an overnight raid. The news clip showed the damage on the ground. Yep, there he was, the traveling mortician, the rescue worker from Qana.

The Jerusalem Post has a good account of the raid on Tyre: “Naval commando unit raids Tyre in overnight operation.” (Image via “DIY Terror Gang Biz Card” at Little Green Footballs.)

UPDATE: Reader Barry Shaw writes from Israel to point us to the report: “Tyre raid heroic operation.” Barry writes:

As usual, most of the international media are doing a cover-up job on what was a heroic Israeli commando raid into the heart of the Hizbollah centre in the coastal town of Tyre in Lebanon. According to CNN and Sky reports Israel tried to land a couple of helicopters full of soldiers but were driven off by determined Hizbollah fire, leaving many Israeli soldiers wounded and one dead.

The actual event was that elite Israeli commandos stormed a building in the Hizbollah stronghold of central Tyre. The building was the command and control centre that directed the fire of long range missiles into Israel, including the rocket that hit Hadera on Friday night. During the raid, the Israelis killed senior Hizbollah commanders and left with important intelligence material.

The building was surrounded by Hizbollah terrorists who opened fire on the Israeli soldiers causing injuries. More Hizbollah people were killed in the exchange as all the Israeli commandos fought their way out of the area and back to safety.

Doesn’t this sound a little different from what you were told about this event by your CNN, BBC, and Sky reporters?

MORE: Scott Solomon is the creator of the Abdel Qader business card and has kindly forwarded the “corrected” version of the card that we have substituted in place of the one we originally posted above. He writes: “FYI the font is ‘Papyrus,’ from MSFT Powerpoint 2003.”


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