Who is Green Helmet Man?

One winner to emerge from the Lebanon war is Green Helmet Man, the ubiquitous “civil defense worker,” video news director and apparent Hezbollah propagandist. At the Volokh Conspiracy Professor David Bernstein has identified him as Abdel Qader. Professor Bernstein bases his identification of Green Helmet Man as Qader on Arabic news video to which he links in his post. He also takes note of an AP story based on an interview with “a rescue worker identified as Abu Shadi Jadri,” who may well have been the same person; Professor Bernstein links to an Israel Insider story making the case that they are one and the same.

On Friday, however, the AP disseminated a fawning profile of Green Helmet Man by Kathy Gannon, as noted here by Charles Johnson, identifying him as Salam Daher. Today Richard North initiates an “experiment in co-operative writing, with comments, pics and new information being built into the piece as it develops” in the search for the truth about Green Helmet Man: “The corruption of the media.” As for our contribution, I note that we don’t even know his name.


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