A bad liar?

Al Franken claims that he’s a “bad liar.” In today’s Star Tribune story on Franken’s Midwest Values PAC and Franken’s prowess as a political fundraiser, however, Rob Hotainken indirectly quotes Franken:

Franken said he chose the name Midwest Values for his group because he is tired of Republicans claiming those values as their own. He said that Hollywood contributors have provided only $60,000 to his PAC and that Minnesotans have given much more.

Hotainken apparently couldn’t be troubled to take a look at the Midwest Values PAC’s easily accessible donors’ report. The first page of the report (sorted by amount of contribution) by itself shows $60,000 in $5,000 contributions by LA-based show business donors including Larry and Laurie David, Harvey Weinstein, Gregory Berlanti, Ariel Emanuel, Ronald Bass, Nora Ephron, Peter Farrelly, Barry Levinson, David Mandel, David O’Connor, Eli Attie and Lona Williams. Throw in contributions from other Hollywood types elsewhere in the report and exclude Minnesota-based donors with the last name Franken, such as Al’s son Joe — the college student who chipped in $7,000 — and Franken’s statement may be first good joke he’s told since the expiration of the Al Franken decade in 1990.

Thanks to Peter Schweizer, author of Do As I Say, who pointed out Franken’s stretcher in a message to us today. In a letter to NRO, Franken recently took issue with Peter’s take on Franken in Do As I Say. NRO posted Peter’s response here.


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