A “meaningful but modest” contribution

On Tuesday I had the pleasure of meeting Rep. Mike Pence of Indiana for the first time. Once I stopped focusing on the extent to which he looks like someone central casting sent to portray a conservative Congressman from Indiana, I found Rep. Pence to be a highly intelligent, articulate, and well-informed defender of the conservative cause.

Pence is a bit dismayed, as I am, that some highly respected conservatives are arguing that a Republican defeat this fall is just what conservatives need. As Pence puts it: “We don’t need more liberal Democrats. We need more conservative Republicans.”

In this column in Human Events, the Congressman describes the “meaningful but modest” accomplishments of conservative Republicans in the House this term. He concludes, fairly I think, that “[o]n issue after issue, spending discipline, entitlement reform and values, the men and women of the RSC have made a difference but, too often, fall short of real change.”


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