Anyone but McCain?

Don’t miss Andrew McCarthy’s excellent dissection of the objections raised by Republican Sen. John McCain and “his entourage” of terrorist rights advocates against President Bush’s proposed terrorist trial procedures. As McCarthy notes, Sen. McCain’s unwillingness or inability to see past his experiences as a prisioner of war in very different times under very different circumstances raises this question: Can the nation afford a President John McCain? (One might also ask whether, given his power and influence with respect these issues, the nation can afford a Senator McCain).

I hope that conservatives will be able to rally around an alternative to McCain when it’s time for the presidential primaries.

JOHN adds: McCain is a great man in some ways, but he has strayed too far on too many issues to be a good choice for 2008. Conservatives could rally around Rudy Giuliani, but would probably prefer a candidate who shares Guiliani’s views on defense but is more conservative on domestic policy. Mitt Romney may qualify. Of the Senators, isn’t Bill Frist the best? It would be nice to have a nominee who no one could ever claim is stupid, and who saves Africans’ lives in his spare time. And who is rock solid on the war and judges.


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