Blog of the Week: The Anchoress

This week’s Blog of the Week is The Anchoress, one of the most respected sites in the b’o’sphere. She writes:

The Anchoress is a freelance writer living in New York with her husband and two children; she focuses most of her writing on Catholic themes, politics, media criticism, parenting and baseball – subjects covered extensively in the blog. A lifelong liberal Democrat, she was as surprised as anyone to discover herself landing more and more frequently on the center-right side of things over the past decade, and she relates very well to Ronald Reagan’s musing: “I didn’t leave the Democratic party, the Democratic party left me.”

As always, The Anchoress will be featured at the top of the blog RSS feeds on Power Line News, and we will link to specific posts over the next week or so.

Thanks to outgoing BOTW Riehl World View.


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