In the new issue of the Weekly Standard Paul Marshall briefly looks at the forced conversions of Steve Centanni and Olaf Wiig to Islam: “A conversion you can’t refuse.” ShrinkWrapped and friends — “the Sanity Squad” — also take a look at the conversions in a Pajamas Media Podcast: “Hey, kidnappers are people too!” SW writes:

As a psychiatrist who believes that “forced conversions” are hardly harmless (as per the NY Times description of Centanni and Wiig being “unharmed” during their captivity) I was struck by the relative lack of coverage of this aspect of their kidnapping and release. I also think it is something that will likely reverberate through the body politic.

I thought you might be interested to know that their conversion was the topic of discussion by the Sanity Squad (Neo-neocon, Dr. Sanity, Siggy, and myself) in our most recent podcast. We discuss the Stockholm Syndrome, the psychology of forced conversion and a number of related issues. Your readers may find it interesting.

In his Boston Herald column this morning, Jules Crittenden reacts angrily to David Warren’s imputation of cowardice to Centanni and Wiig: “Martyrs wanted.” I’ve been bugging Jules to give us his views on the conversions and subsequent tribute by Centanni to the beautiful people of Gaza. This is an angry column, shedding more heat than light, but it belongs in the discussion and I hope Jules will return to the subject.