Early A. M. Media Alert

For early rising PL readers, Scott and I will be at the Minnesota State Fair starting around 6 or 6:30 central time to give Bill Bennett and producer Seth Leibsohn a hard time, and may wind up on the air. It will be an odd experience, broadcasting from the Fair when there’s more or less no one there. I could be wrong about that; maybe the first wave of visitors hits by 6 a.m. But I would think Bill and Seth must have had the guards let them in when they showed up at 4:30.

Anyway, tune in here and lots of other places for some laughs and serious conversation.

UPDATE: I believe Governor Tim Pawlenty will follow us at 7. If you aren’t from the Upper Midwest and aren’t familiar with Governor Pawlenty, you should listen to him too. Tim is likely to be on the national ticket some day, I think.


Of course we’re putting you on air….and of course there are people arlready here, a good dozen……no problem with getting in via guards, but we did have to steer our truck around a really big and large white bull on the main street.

Should be fun!

UPDATE: Scott and I were on Bill Bennett’s show this morning, and had a great time. Bill has a large and enthusiastic audience, and a remarkable number of Minnesotans came out at dawn to see him. A gratifying number were Power Line and Northern Alliance fans as well. This isn’t a great photo, but, hey! It was taken by a ten-year-old. I’m on the left; Bill’s producer Seth Leibsohn is in the middle; and Bill is on the right. We’re chatting with Fair visitors during a breat. Scott was inside the Patriot booth at the time, and thus not in this photo:



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