Ellison Wins Democratic Nomination

Keith Ellison (also known by aliases that include Keith Hakim, Keith X Ellison and Keith Ellison-Muhammad) won the Minnesota 5th District Democratic primary today. Under Minnesota’s rather odd system, party conventions endorse candidates but do not nominate them. Ellison was endorsed at the Democrats’ 5th District convention, but did not become that party’s nominated candidate until he defeated several relatively strong contenders rather handily, with 45% of the total vote.

So it’s on to November, with Ellison running against moderate Republican Alan Fine. Does Fine have a chance? The 5th is about as blue as a district can get, but today’s turnout was so low that it doesn’t say much about Ellison’s strength as a general election candidate. Between now and November, many more voters will learn about Ellison’s checkered past–and present. It remains to be seen whether even the heavily Democratic 5th wants to send a fringe candidate like Ellison to Congress. In the meantime, Fine can use your support to get his message to the voters.


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