From Miss World to Habeas Corpus

I did a very fun appearance on Bill Bennett’s radio show this morning. We began by talking about the Miss World pageant, and continued on, in a more serious fashion, with the politics and the legalities of the Democrats’ commitment to terrorists’ rights. Click the play button to listen to it:

Bill exemplifies a quality that I think is typical of the best conservative commentators: the ability to combine good humor, broad learning and sober analysis of current affairs. His show is always a pleasure to appear on, or to listen to.

UPDATE: As one of Bill’s callers and several of our readers have pointed out, I blew the translation of habeas corpus. I don’t speak Latin, actually, and was relying on my 30-year-old law school memory. The legal principle, unlike the translation, was correct. Mea culpa, which means, I think, My fault!


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