How Low Can Liberals Sink?

It’s hard to say. Right now, it’s like a limbo contest in which they’re already underground. The latest is an absurd photoshop job of Michelle Malkin ostensibly wearing a bikini in a “Girls Gone Wild” pose. Several problems, though: 1) Michelle’s head is obviously too small for the attached body; 2) anyone who has spent 30 seconds with Michelle would know that the large, beefy body to which her head has been crudely photoshopped is not hers; and 3) Michelle is much, much better looking than this:


I dunno, though…somehow, I’d swear I’ve seen that face somewhere. Only I think it had some kind of sailor’s hat over it…and a Notre Dame jersey.

The weirdest aspect of this latest liberal outrage is that a goofball law professor at the University of North Carolina–which is generally, I think, a reasonably well regarded institution–jumped on the bandwagon and, in all seriousness, accused Michelle of “hypocrisy” for trying to uphold normal standards of behavior despite having been photographed in a bikini in 1992. Apart from the fact that this guy 1) needs to get out more, and 2) needs to take a class in perspective so he’ll notice the proper relationship between heads and bodies, he also 3) should be fired because any law professor is expected to understand the concept of a non sequitur.

Increasingly, a basic equation is coming to dominate American politics: Liberal = hater.

PAUL adds: The “goofball professor” is Eric Muller who tangled with Michelle over her book on the World War II internment of Japanese-Americans. In my view, Muller failed to distinguish himself in that debate. His shameful use of the fake picture of Michelle should be understood in this context.

Muller has, however, issued a correction on his blog and has apologized to Michelle.


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