Joel Mowbray reports: CAIR’s Congressman? Part 1

This commences our first installment of Joel Mowbray’s investigative series on Minnesota’s DFL-endorsed Fifth District congressional candidate Keith Ellison. We will continue the series with additional installments today and tomorrow. Joel can be reached by email at [email protected] In his opening installment Joel offers a preview:

Keith Ellison is running to become the first Muslim elected to the U.S. Congress. But he’s also running from the truth. He’s been less than honest about his past, but it’s his present that is potentially even more disturbing. It’s no wonder that when his campaign was asked about the company Ellison keeps, they relied on a combination of deception and dishonesty.

While this congressional race is taking place in Minneapolis, all Americans should care about it–and now.

If elected, Ellison would technically only represent his constituents, but all Americans would be impacted if someone reaches Capitol Hill with the support of those who support Islamic terrorists. But the real election isn’t in November; it’s in just three days. Minnesota’s Fifth District is as blue as a safe Dem seat gets, and the multi-candidate primary takes place this Tuesday.

Up until the election, I will be posting an investigative series on a race with far greater national implications than almost anyone realizes. To be revealed will be how Ellison has received financial and other help from an avowed supporter of Hamas. That Hamas cheerleader, by the way, is the founder of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR). Also forthcoming is an exploration into other donors to the Ellison campaign, including one who heads up what is considered the political front in the U.S. for the Muslim Brotherhood, the ideological forerunner to al Qaeda and other Islamic terrorist organizations.

Unfortunately, much of what’s coming over the weekend is new reporting. Not that I don’t love a good scoop, but this information should have been uncovered by local reporters at the Minneapolis Star Tribune. Alas, it hasn’t happened, and almost certainly won’t.

The St. Paul Pioneer Press came within a whisker of running a column this weekend by this journalist, but the Ellison campaign’s stonewalling prevented the truth from running in a paper that at least borders the district. But the story behind that deserves its own post–which you’ll be able to read later today.


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