Meet Mark Kennedy

The Minneapolis Star Tribune has a pretty good profile of Mark Kennedy, who, as everyone knows, is running for a key Senate seat in Minnesota. In order to make the report more personal and less biased, the Strib did not assign one of its hard-left political reporters to the story; instead, the profile was written by sports reporter Jay Weiner. And it’s not bad; it emphasizes Kennedy’s “dorky” but driven approach, which has led him to one success after another in both private and public life.

Mark’s chances in the race aren’t bad, either. The two most recent polls, out within the last few days, have him down 8 and 9 points, respectively. Mark has always been a strong finisher, and his television and radio ads critiquing his opponent’s highly-vulnerable record have just begun to run. The race is almost sure to tighten and likely will be a photo finish. To help make sure the Democrats don’t take over the Senate, go here to learn more about where Mark stands on the issues and donate to his campaign.


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