Miss World: The Coverage Begins!

The Miss World competition has been underway for a while, with contestants gathered in Poland, going through preliminary events in anticipation of the final on September 30. The pageant’s site is here. You can see all of the contestants here.

It’s still a bit too early for betting odds to take shape, but I have my own favorites. Based on my review of the contestants–it’s a tough job, but someone has to do it–I think it’s going to be a Caribbean year. Let me say, though, that the quality of the photography varies so widely that it’s a little hard to tell. By now, the pageant should have standardized photos of the contestants, but they don’t. Consequently, it’s hard to tell whether Miss Costa Rica, for example, is a formidable candidate or not.

If so, she is one of a number of top candidates from her region. For example, Miss Aruba:

Miss Martinique:

Or my personal favorite, Miss Bahamas:

Stay tuned for ongoing coverage as the suspense builds between now and September 30. Reader Krystof Zmudzinski noted that we (some of us, anyway) are fans of both soccer and beauty pageants, and sent a link to a YouTube video from–maybe–the Miss World contest. It’s a fitting way to close out this post:


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