North Korea Takes It Personally

As you probably know, an American anti-missile missile successfully intercepted an incoming target fired from Alaska yesterday. It was a big step toward a fully operational missile defense system. [You mean it is possible to hit a bullet with another bullet after all? Ed.: Apparently so.] The test was intended to simulate the final stage of a missile fired from North Korea. The North Koreans immediately took offense:

North Korea Saturday called a U.S. missile defense test a threat and vowed to strengthen its defense measures in response.

North Korea’s Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of the Fatherland released a statement saying the U.S. test, which was conducted Friday over the Pacific Ocean, “was aimed at attacking us and intercepting our missiles,” the BBC reported Saturday.

That’s true, I guess, if an incoming Korean warhead is about to land on American soil. How aggressive can those nasty American imperialists get?


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