Pigs Won’t Fly, and Hillary Won’t Be President

I don’t go out on a limb with a lot of predictions, but one that I have offered in strong terms is that Hillary Clinton will never be President. She is too widely disliked to be elected, and too well known for that to change. Plus, when voters focus on the weirdness of putting Bill Clinton back in the White House, she would lose more ground still.

Today’s Des Moines Register has poll data that illustrate the point. The Republican front-runners clobber Hillary; worse, she doesn’t run well against other Republicans, either:

This survey is a further measure of just how unelectable Clinton may be. She loses Iowa, albeit by tiny margins, to Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist and Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, two relatively unknown guys who lose the state to Democrats Vilsack, Kerry and Edwards.

Among all Iowa voters, Clinton is viewed unfavorably by a whopping 49 percent of the electorate. Only 43 percent see her in a favorable light, and 8 percent aren’t sure.

By the time they get serious about choosing a nominee for 2008, the Democrats will realize that if Hillary can’t carry states like Iowa, she can’t win, and they won’t nominate her.

The Democrats have a number of problems; one of them is that the endless chatter about Hillary has made it hard for other candidates to get traction. The ones that have been talked about the most are two more who can’t win and won’t be nominated: John Kerry and Al Gore. The Democrats desperately need for other candidates, who might be able to win, to start getting some sunlight, but it’s hard to see just how and when that is going to happen.


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