Reader at the rally

Rabbi Seth Gordon writes:

Thank you for noting the rally [for Israel and against Ahmadinejad at the United Nations yesterday]. I was there, with my school — Solomon Shechter Day School of Long Island. The rally was mainly young high school students — thousands of them, and many Christians visibly supporting Israel. I am proud that we stand together.

Rabbi Seth D. Gordon
Bethpage, Long Island, NY

This morning when I noted the rally I missed the excellent coverage of the rally by Pamela at Atlas Shrugs. Pamela has posted video that includes Rabbi Gordon’s group from Solomon Shecter. Pamela also links to video of the speeches here at One Jerusalem. This morning I also missed the good New York Sun story on the rally by Annie Karni. Is there another daily newspaper in the country that covered the rally?

UPDATE: Reader Keith Flood directs us to this New York Daily News story: “‘Let’s be friends,’ Iran prez now sez.”


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