Red Cross Ambulance Driver Murdered

Did you know about it? I didn’t. It couldn’t be attributed to Israel, so no one cares. Meryl Yourish noticed:

During the Hezbullah war, a Red Cross ambulance was supposedly fired on by Israel, and headlines race around the world, causing hundreds of fraudulent news stories, what with the ambulance having never been hit by IDF missiles. But the world still got to read about it with their morning coffee the next day.

Sometime in the last two weeks, a Red Cross ambulance driver was murdered after having been kidnapped. Nobody knows when, because nobody really noticed, and nobody really cares—because he was a Sudanese, and he was killed in Darfur. The ambulance driver wasn’t an Arab killed by an Israeli. ***

I doubt Time Magazine will mention it at all. Dead Sudanese? Not sexy enough. Dead Arab killed by Israeli missiles? STOP THE PRESSES!

Glenn Reynolds adds:

RED CROSS AMBULANCE DRIVER KILLED: But nobody cares, because Israel didn’t do it. Heck, there weren’t even photoshopped images making it look as if Israel was involved, which is kind of hard to believe, really. Is Reuters falling down on the job?


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