Rules Are For Other People

The Isthmus, of Madison, Wisconsin, notes that the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has hired Boston’s Grassroots Campaigns to solicit money for the DCCC by promoting, among other things, the need to raise the minimum wage. One problem: Grassroots doesn’t pay the canvassers who campaign for minimum wage increases the current minimum wage:

Juan Ruiz says he put in about 45 hours working at Grassroots Campaigns for five days this year, and was paid just $56. And Miles Kristan produces pay stubs for two two-week periods, during which he says he typically worked 50 hours per week. One is for $339.81, the other for $281.50. Before taxes.

A spokesperson for Wisconsin’s Department of Workforce Development says Grassroots’ wage practices appear to be illegal. The author of the Isthmus article contacted DCCC spokesperson Bill Burton for a reaction:

How does the DCCC feel about having workers making less than minimum wage soliciting contributions to help it force the evil Republicans to raise the minimum wage? Burton said he’d look into this, then failed to call back.

It’s just another entry in the long history of Democratic Party hypocrisy.


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