Support Mark Kennedy for Senate

KennedySenate88.jpg While most Republicans are more confident about retaining control of the Senate than the House, there is no doubt that control will come down to a few key races in November. Moreover, the Republicans’ margin of control is critical. It takes 60 votes to shut off a filibuster, and, even if we assume that total is out of reach, the closer the Democrats come to parity in the Senate, the easier it is for a handful of centrist or liberal Republicans to block action supported by the party’s majority.

That’s why Mark Kennedy’s race for the open seat in Minnesota being vacated by Democrat Mark Dayton is so important. If Mark wins, there is no way the Democrats can take control of the Senate. Mark is a friend of ours, and we can attest that he would be a superb United States Senator. If elected, he will be the Senate’s only Certified Public Accountant, and he would bring valuable business experience to that body. Mark’s opponent, on the other hand, has chosen to stake out positions on the farthest left fringe of the Democratic Party–proposing trillions in new taxes and opposing body armor for the troops fighting in Iraq, for example.

Over the weekend, I caught up with Mark at the Minnesota State Fair. We recorded an appeal for support directly to Power Line readers. Click the Play button below to hear Mark explain why you should be supporting his campaign.

Go here to learn more about Mark Kennedy’s views on the issues, and here to contribute to his campaign. Even if you can only give a little, please do what you can to help. Mark needs all of us to help get his message out!


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